Top Tips On Where to Buy Hultquist Jewellery

Through out history women have been known to adorn themselves with beautiful things to make themselves look more gorgeous. From the stone-age women have indulged themselves in jewellery. For eternety, the bond in between a woman and jewellery became evident.

They used sea-shells, conches and other fine stones and products to create their jewellery.

The need of looking prettier than others paved the way for jewellery and it is nothing less than its evolution that these are here now for all to admire. One such brand that has grown in poluarity over the last few years in the Scandinavian jeweller, Hultquist – Copenhagen.

Enter Hultquist Jewellery

Earlier Hultquist Jewellery was all about semi-precious stones, synthetic metals coated with gold and silver polish and other portions of mirror, stone or patch-works, shells or vibrant threads, etc. these jewelleries were designed to meet a price point so that women could own more than just a few show pieces.  Progressively Hultquist jewellery ended up being really popular amongst ladies of all walks of life. The designs of Anne Hultquist and her team have surpassed many of the other well know jewellery brands.

This new breed of fashion conscious individuals has grown in number at an alarming rate; therefore producing a big market not only for Hultquist Jewellery but also likewise for other jewellery designers. Hultquist jewellery is not only developed in accordance with fashion trends, but also according to the taste and choices of the buyers.

Shopping For Hultquist Jewellery

Hultquist Copenhagen produce two main collections each year; Spring Summer and Autumn Winter as well as producing a line of timeless classic pieces that remain popular with young and old alike.

Find a Hultquist Jewellery Stockist

Hultquist Jewellery is available throughout Europe and is equally as popular in most countries.  To find you nearest Hultquist Stockist, you only need to venture no further than your nearest high street, or for the less adventurous, you will find many on-line jewellery boutiques and stockists in the UK such as


Hultquist Copenhagen home page a Hultquist Jewellery Stockist



5 tips on buying Costume Jewelry

 Planning to expand your jewelry collection by buying some beautiful costume jewelry. Maybe gift this amazing costume jewelry set to your friend on her birthday.

However keep these helpful tips in mind when you are planning to buy some authentic costume jewelry.


  1. Look for quality– If you find some good bargain pieces online or in a nearby shop, go ahead and buy it if you absolutely love it. However, quality stuff has its value and lasts long. Hence look for signs of quality in costume jewelry such as substantial weight, sparkling stones, pronged settings and smooth plating.
  1. Purchasing high end pieces – Few manufacturers create costume jewelry with some really good quality and include signatures. Miriam Haskell, Schiaparelli is some of the names you need search for while buying high-end pieces. Kramer and Weiss are few other designers whose costume jewelry collection is moderately priced. However there is some lovely unsigned vintage costume jewelry available on the secondary market.


  1. Consider personality – When you are purchasing jewelry for yourself, then first check if it fits you well and whether you are comfortable wearing them. Color, durability, size and overall style will influence your purchases. For example, colorful vintage brooches compliment business attire and a rhinestone brooch looks awesome on denim jackets and shirts. When you are buying gifts for your friends or relatives, consider their personality and get something which they will really appreciate.
  1. Try to add a special touch to gifts – when you are buying the costume jewelry ask the dealer to provide you with some background information on the piece which you are buying. This can include the age or era of the piece, materials that’s been used in making them, designer name or background information on the former owner. Print these details on small glossy cards and can tuck this card with your gift. Those people who are interested in these facts will consider these tidbits priceless.
  1. Check the condition of the jewelry item – When purchasing some vintage jewelry always check their condition. Few 50s and 60s jewelry items will be in good condition. However few others will have darkened rhinestones, extremely worn plating, missing clasps, parts that don’t work properly, missing stones and scratched enamel lower the value of vintage costume jewelry items. Hence always check these important details. don’t opt for last minute shopping and save yourself from buying some poor quality jewelry pieces.


Differences between Costume and Fashion Jewelry

   Generally when people hear the term jewelry, they think of some expensive and sparkling precious stones or 22 carat gold ornaments. While it is true that platinum, gemstones and gold are expensive, right from the olden times, we had various options for jewelry items that are within people’s budget. The only confusion is the different terms associated with jewelry. Jewelry aficionados know these terms very well and they are able to see the differences. Hence let us find out the differences between costume jewelry and fashion jewelry.


The main point in which this jewelry differs is the time period in which the two terms were coined. This term stems from its use in stage performances. Women possessed some fine jewelry and they were passed down generations and it was risky to wear these pieces as they can get damaged or theft. Hence people came up with other forms of imitation jewelry. Fashion jewelry gained popularity in the 1980s. This term is more recent one than “costume jewelry” and is used by youngsters to make fashion statements. Costume jewelry was a popular term during 1930’s and was used exclusively by Hollywood actresses.
Women often possessed valuable pieces that were passed down from mother to daughter as family heirlooms. It was too risky to wear these pieces due to potential damage, loss, and theft,

Fashion jewelry styles are changing constantly whereas costume jewelry comprises of items that are considered antique or vintage. Most of the fashionable women prefer fashion jewelry since they need to shell out lesser prices on this jewelry than higher end expensive pieces.

Most of the people distinguish fashion jewelry from costume jewelry by the value of the raw materials used. Wide variety of materials were used, during the time when fashion jewelry was introduced than those used for costume jewelry in 1930s. Fashion jeweler is mainly made with sterling silver or brass; however costume jeweler was made with aluminum or nickel. Hence most of the fashion stylists consider fashion jewelry to be more expensive than costume jewelry. Regardless of how, costume jewelry is considered as vintage or antique ornaments and they can be priced higher. Designers try to imitate the fine jewelry by using cheap materials like pewter. Glass blowers are used in place of diamonds and acrylic beads with shiny coatings are used to imitate pearls.


Both the forms of ornaments share the same purpose of providing users with stylish pieces at a lesser cost. Some consumers use “fashion jewelry” to indicate higher end fashion pieces while others use the term “costume jewelry” to describe a specific time frame. In a nutshell, regardless of the term usage, any forms of jewelry that adds a little beauty to your life should be considered valuable.